After I finished high school, I got a job as a taxidermist/curator at the Natural History Museum in my home town. Once I got hired they sent me to another Museum were they had more experienced taxidermists. This is where I started to learn the art of taxidermy.  After few months of intense taxidermy training, I returned at the museum and started building a new taxidermy collection for the museum. I worked at the museum for twelve years. During that time, I did thousands of specimens and placed them in a natural display; full-size mammals such as roe deer, wild boar, elk, brown bear and more, birds, fish, reptiles, and insects.
When we moved to Canada, I enrolled into certified courses in order to get my firearms and hunting licenses. I also joined a group of hunters and I started learning about Canada’s wildlife and hunting techniques. Since 2004 I’ve been hunting   every deer season and I had the chance to explore the wilderness and meet more hunters. So I decided to open my own taxidermy business.
Now I have my taxidermy shop here in London, Ontario, Canada, and will continue to explore my passion for taxidermy and outdoor activities. It is a great experience to work  in Canada as a taxidermist considering the people I'm working for and the abundance of wildlife that is here.
Hello everybody! My name is Mario and I'm the taxidermist at Forest City Taxidermy, London, Ontario, Canada.

My passion for nature and the outdoors started in my teen years when I got to spend time with one of my uncles who was a game warden. During that time, I spent all my summer vacations in the countryside, mostly at his lodge. From him I learned a lot about wildlife, outdoor and hunting.