Trophy Care Instructions: 

Caping for a Deer Shoulder Mount:

With a sharp knife, slit the hide circling the body behind the shoulder at approximately the midway point of the rib cage behind the front legs. Slit the skin around the legs just above the knees. An additional slit will be needed from the back of the leg and joining the body cut behind the legs.
Peel the skin forward up to the ears and jaw exposing the head/neck junction. Cut into the neck approximately three-five inches down from this junction . Circle the neck, cutting down to the spinal column. After this cut is complete, grasp the antler bases, and twist the head off the neck. Let the cape cool off before rolled up and put in a freezer.

​The Flat Incision:
The flat incision is used for rug mounts and for a variety of poses. Make these slits (cutting the feet free from the carcass) and pull the skin off the carcass. The head is detached as with the shoulder mount.

​Small Mammals:
For mammals, coyote sized or smaller use the same skinning method like the flat incision. If you can't skin it yourself or can't take it immediately to a taxidermist,than as soon as the carcass cools completely, put it in a plastic bag and freeze it.

Do not gut  birds. Rinse any blood and dirt from the feathers with cool water. Let the bird cool off and then freeze. Put the bird into a paper bag for freezing, being careful not to damage the feathers, including the tail. If the bird's tail feathers do not fit in the bag, do not bend them. Let the tail stick out of the bag and tie the bag loosely.

Do not gut your fish.
Wrap it in a very wet towel and put it in a plastic bag, making sure all the fins are flat against the fish's body (to prevent breakage) and freeze it.