Your trophy    -   Your adventure!
Forest City Taxidermy, located in London Ontario, Canada, is a reliable taxidermy studio that strives to bring a look of realism to wildlife mounts.
Mario is a taxidermist with an extensive museum experience of over 18 years in Europe and North America making him trustworthy of your hunting and fishing trophies.

You will find that Forest City Taxidermy studio treats each taxidermy  mount with special attention in order to create a unique piece of wildlife art that you will feel proud to show your family and friends.

Forest City Taxidermy provides quality and affordable taxidermy services for mounting  mammals, birds, fish, reptiles  and great customer support. 
Through our commitment, taxidermy experience and detailed work, we strive to establish a business relationship with the customers that will last a lifetime! 
Forest City Taxidermy studio is fully licensed and abides by the Canadian taxidermy and environment rules and regulations in place. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.   519 520 3024